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Auto, Motorcycle and Boat Insurance in Florida
Viera Insurance Agency offers a complete line of auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance for all of your vehicle insurance needs. We will be happy to sit down with you and put together any auto, motorcycle, or boat coverage you may need.
What Automobile Coverage Do I Need in Florida?
Florida law requires any motor vehicle registered in Florida and bearing a license plate to carry a specific minimum amount of insurance coverage. This is regardless of how much the vehicle is used or even if it is in storage. These minimum requirements are: $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL) insurance coverage. If your vehicle is registered in Florida and has a tag, it has to be insured to these minimum requirements.
It is also important to know that if you move to Florida from another state, you are required to re-insure your vehicle through a licensed Florida insurance company to the minimum state requirements, within ten days of either becoming employed, placing children in public school, or establishing residency of some form in the state. Your auto insurance from your other state will not carry over to cover you in Florida. In fact, if you live in another state, but drive your vehicle in the state of Florida more than 90 non-consecutive days a year, you are required to have Florida insurance with the minimum coverage.
How Much Coverage Should I Carry?
You should carry both bodily injury and property damage liability coverage based on the amount of your personal assets. Auto liability coverage pays for the damages for which you are legally liable.
If you have a brand new or a newer model used car, it is highly recommended that you also carry full comprehensive and collision coverage. These are usually required by your bank or finance company as well. Comprehensive will cover your car if it is damaged by an act of nature, or if it is stolen or vandalized. Collision will cover making repairs to the car or the value of the car if it is totaled in an accident.

motorcycle vehicle insuranceMotorcycle Insurance in Florida
The requirements for motorcycle insurance in Florida are a little different than those for auto insurance. In the state of Florida, motorcycle insurance is optional insurance and is not required by law in order to register and operate your motorcycle legally. The only time it is required, is in the event you have an accident with injuries involved while you are operating your motorcycle and you are found to be responsible for the accident and are charged for it.
In this case, you are completely responsible for any injuries and property damage involved as a result of the accident. In Florida, if there was no liability coverage in effect at the time of the accident, you then will be required to carry the minimum bodily injury and property damage liability insurance coverage for a period of three years, or risk suspension of your license and registration.
Whether required by law or not, we strongly urge you to carry motorcycle coverage to ensure that you are fully protected, as well as anyone that is riding with you. As with an auto policy, if you have an older motorcycle, you may want to go with a policy that just has a comfortable amount of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. This will not cover damage to your motorcycle or repair bills to have it fixed in the event of an accident, or cover the value of your motorcycle in the event it is stolen.
However, if you have a new or a newer model used motorcycle, it is highly recommended that you also carry full comprehensive and collision coverage and these are usually required by your bank or finance company. Comprehensive will cover your motorcycle if it damaged by a storm, vandalized or stolen. Collision insurance will cover repairs to the motorcycle or the value of the motorcycle if it is totaled in an accident.
Florida Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance in Florida
All motorized boats and all non-motorized boats over 16 feet long are required by the State of Florida to be registered and have a tag, but they are not required to be insured. As your boat is probably one of your more prized possessions, you will definitely want to insure it against damage and to have liability coverage in case someone is hurt while on your boat.
The type and amount of coverage will vary widely based on how large, how fast, and how valuable your boat is. You definitely want to be able to fix or replace your boat if it is damaged, stolen, or destroyed. The cost of your boat insurance policy will be based on the value of the boat and your location.
Most boat policies will offer the same liability protection for injury as automobile policies such as bodily injury, liability, damages and medical expenses.


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