How can I save money on my Homeowner’s Insurance?
By law, all Homeowners Insurance companies in the State of Florida must offer discounts for the wind-resistant features of your home. Many homes in Florida, especially those with fairly recent roofs, will qualify for these discounts. To get the discounts, you should have a Wind Mitigation Inspection done by a licensed home inspector or contractor. This inspection usually costs less than $100 and can save you up to 40% on your Homeowners Insurance premium.

What makes Viera Insurance Agency different?
Our agency carries a total of 40+ insurance companies. More companies to choose from means better rates for you. We tailor your policy to your specific needs, never adding unnecessary coverage and making sure that any and all discounts are applied. Our customer service is top-notch!

My Homeowner’s Insurance has already been paid for the year. If you find a better rate for me, do I need to wait until the end of my policy term to switch?
No, we can rewrite your policy at any time. We take care of all the paperwork to cancel your old policy and to update / invoice your mortgage company. Its easy!

Can you insure mobile / manufactured homes?
Yes, we can! Many insurance agencies don’t cover these homes at all, or they only offer one company for them. Viera Insurance Agency offers a choice of carriers for manufactured homes and this means better rates for you!

I am buying a condo. How is Condo Insurance different from Homeowners Insurance?
Condo associations insure the exterior of all of their buildings under one ‘master policy’. As a condo owner, you are only responsible for insuring the interior of your condo. This means that the dollar amount of coverage (and the premium) should be less than for a comparable single-family home.

I rent my home. Why do I need insurance?
When you’re a renter, your landlord insures the home you occupy, but not your belongings. If the home is damaged, the landlord’s insurance policy will repair the home, but will not replace your furnishings, electronics, clothing and personal items. A Renter’s Insurance policy is very inexpensive and provides peace of mind for renters.

Does my Homeowners Insurance protect me against flood damage?
No, it does not. Your Homeowners policy covers you for water damage to your home caused by pipe burst, roof damage or appliance malfunctions. Flood, on the other hand, is defined as rising water. If water rises up into your home, either from storm surge or excess rain, you will need a Flood Insurance policy to pay for those damages.

How can I save money on my Auto Insurance?
Auto Insurance premiums are based on several factors, including your age, coverage limits, driving history and credit score. Keeping your driving record clean and your credit score as favorable as possible will lead to better Auto Insurance rates. Our agents will also advise you if you are carrying too much (or too little) coverage.

Why should I consider carrying more Auto Insurance than the state minimum?
The state of Florida requires you to carry only two coverage’s: Property Damage Liability and PIP (Personal Injury Protection). For most people, these coverage’s are not sufficient. You would not be covered for injuries that you cause to another person, for injuries done to yourself by an uninsured driver, or for damages done to your own vehicle. Our agents will help you design a policy with the appropriate amount of coverage for you and your situation.

Does Viera Insurance Agency offer Jewelry policies?
Yes! Did you know that the coverage for your jewelry afforded by your Homeowners Insurance policy is very limited, with exclusions and caps? We can now quote you an inexpensive stand-alone jewelry policy that will insure your beautiful jewelry for its full value, no matter what happens to it! Contact us for details…

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